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The solution is supersaturated

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Q: A solution has Ag plus equals 7.7 x 10-5 and Cl- equals 2.5 x 10-3 If Ksp for AgCl is 1.8 x 10-10 what is true about this solution?
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How do you balance AgNO3 plus MgCl2 equals AgCl plus MgN2O6?

2AgNO3 + MgCl2 ------> 2AgCl + MgN2O6

Cu and AgCl equals Ag plus CuCl2?

cu(II) + 2agcl --> 2ag+cucl2

What is AgNO3 plus KCl equals AgCl plus KNO3?

It is a "double replacement" reaction between silver nitrate and potassium chloride, to yield silver chloride and potassium nitrate.AgNO3+ KCl → AgCl + KNO3

Write NaCl plus AgC2H3O2 equals NaC2H3O2 plus AgCl as an net ionic equation?

Na+ and C2H3O2- (acetate) don't react. Only Ag+ and Cl- do so by precipitation: Ag+ + Cl- --> (AgCl)s

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What is the Balanced equation for AgNO3 plus NaCL?

AgNO3 + NaCl -> AgCl(s) + NaNO3 silver chloride precipitates out of solution

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