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It will grow to nine eighths of the original sum.

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Q: A sum invested at 5 percent simple interest per annum in 2.5 years will grow to?
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What is 9 percent of 7450per annum simple interest?


What is 9 percent per annum on 30000?

If it is simple interest, then it is 2700. ■

What is the simple interest on 642 for 7 years at 11 percent per annum?

$494.34 Interest= principal amount * time* simple interest %

What is the principal amount which earns Rs24 as simple interest for 3 years at 10 percent interest per annum?

Rs 80.

How much time will it take for an amount of rs450 to yield rs81 as interest at 4.5 percent per annum of simple interest?

5 years

What will be simple interest on Rs 600 at the rate 3.5 percent per annum for 4 year?

Rs 84 in all.

What is the present worth of Rupees.132 due in 2 years at 5 percent simple interest per annum?


What is interest of rs 200000 at the rate of 11.5 percent per annum for 3 years?

Assuming simple interest, you multiply the capital times the interest rate times the number of years.

What is the future value of 210000 with 4 percent interest in 8 years?

It depends on whether the 4% interest is per annum or for 8 years altogether. Also, you have to see if it is a simple interest or compounded interest.

The difference between the simple and compound interest on a certain sum is Rs250 for two years at 5 percent Pa per annum Find the sum?

simple interst is when you earn interest from your principal but compound interest is when you earn interest from your principal as well as from your previous interest

In how may years a sum of money at the rate of 10 percent simple interest per annum will triple itself?

30 years

How many times will the sum gets multiplied in 10 years at 20 percent per annum simple rate of interest?


What does 4.9 percent p. a. interest mean on a credit card?

It means the percent of interest paid annually (p.a. means per annum).

What is pcpa as interest rate?

P.C.P.A. stands for Percent Compounded Per Annum.

What is the nominal rate of interest per annum compounded monthly equvalent to effective interest rate of 12.60 percent per annum?

0.9938% per month, when compounded is equivalent to 12.6% annually.

What is 15 percent per annum for 24 months?

If simple, it is 30%.

The simple interest on a sum for 5 years at 7 percent per annum is Rs800 more than the simple interest on the same sum for 3 years at 9 percent per annum find the original sum of money?

S.I. = (P x R x T)/100 where R is rate, T is time, P is Original sum and S.I. is simple interest. 800x100 = P x R x T P = 80000/(5x7) = 80000/35 = 2285.71 So, the original sum is Rs 2285.71

What is the monthly interest on 13 percent per annum?

It's 11/12 percent of whatever principle you still owe.

What is 3 percent of 100.00 per annum for 6 years?

If the 3% is "simple" interest, then the $100 earns an extra $18 in 6 years. If the interest is compounded yearly, then it earns $19.41 extra. If the interest is compounded weekly, then it earns $19.72 extra.

What would the cost be for a interest rate of 9 percent annum on 13500.00?

multiply 13500 by .09

What sum of money will produce the interest of Rs 180 at the rate of simple interest of 6 percent per annum in 4 year?

With simple interest the interest is not re-invested and does not gain interest.Rs 180 over 4 years = Rs 180 ÷ 4 = Rs 90 per year.Interest rate is 6% per year, thus Rs 90 = 6% of the capital→ 6% x capital = Rs 90→ capital = Rs 90 ÷ 6%= Rs 90 ÷ 6/100= Rs 90 x 100/6= Rs 1500

What is meant by p.c.p.a. as interest?

P.C.P.A. is the "Percent Compounded Per Annum." This measurement is used when trying to determine the compound interest for previous years.

What would be the interest on 231700 at 3 percent per annum for 5 years and 7 months?

It is 41575.40

Calculate the sum to which 6000 will amount in 5years at 12 percent per annum compound interest?


How much interest a month on 300000 at 1 percent?

It would come out to about $250 a month at 1% per annum.