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Q: A television is on sale for 15 percent off how much did you pay if the original price was 700?
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How do you figure the how much percent was taken off the original price if you only have the original price and the sale price?

Sale price/original price will give you a fraction. The fraction x100 gives you the percentage that the sale price is of the original price.100-(that percentage) gives the percent taken off.

How much moneY will be taken off of a discount of 22 percent?

original price minus 22% of the original price

How much percentage did one save if the original if the original price is 16.97 and the sale price is 14.50?

14.56 percent

A television is on sale for 50 percent off the regular price of 814 How much money will Dana save if she buys the television on sale?

if the television is on sale for 50% off, then the new sale price is $407. The amount of money she saves is the original price minus the sale price (814-407=407) So Dana saves $407

How much is a 30 percent discount?

Three-tenths of the original price.

How much does Gamestop pay you for wii games?

About 30 percent of the original price.

If the price of an apple was raised 50 percent and then decreased 50 percent making it cost 75 cents how much was the original price?

50 cents

A used car is sold by 6600.00 at 40 percent off how much is original price?

11000 was the real price.

How much is a calculator if its original price is 15.40 and go on sale for 30 percent off?


Something cost 60 and its 25 percent how much will it be?

25% of 60 = 15 OR if you are saying, it now costs $60 and it is 25% of the original price, then the original price = $240.

How much was the original price of Sony FD Trinitron Wega Trinitron Color TV KV-32FS12?

Around $350 maybe.

How much did a 36inch Sony trinitron cost in may 2003?

How much was the original price of my Sony FD Trinitron Wega Trinitron Color TV KV-32FS12