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Q: A triangle must equal 180 degress?
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How many degress is in a triangle?


How many degress is a triangle?

a TRIANGLE HAS 180 DEGRESS! a new born knows that! LOL

How many degress in a triangle?

There are 180 degrees in a triangle.

How many degress are in a triangle?

180 dregress

How many degress is a scalene triangle?

180 degrees

How many degress does an equilateral have?

180 degrees in an equilateral triangle.

What angle can not form a triangle?

anything over 180, A triangle is composed of 180 degrees, so if one angle alone is 180 degress then the shape is not A triangle.

A triangle has one angle of 80 degress and another of 60 degrees how many degrees must there be in the third triangle?

180 - (80 + 60) ie 40

Two angle in a triangle equal 120 What is the measure of the third angle?

All angles in a triangle must equal 180, therefore 180 - 120 = 60

How many degrees is a triangle equal to?

A triangle is equal to 180 degrees. Each angle is 60 degrees [[User:Abc123x3|Abc123x3]] Yup a triangle has 180 degress in all. but all angles don't necassarily have to be 60 degrees. maybe one is 80 and the other 2 are 50. 80+50+50=180 degrees.

The triangles sum says that the 3 angle in a triangle always equal 180?

The three angles of a triangle are always equal to 180°, if not equal to 180° then it is not a triangle.

If a triangle has 1 right angle can it have three equal sides how?

No, because the angles of a triangle have to total 180 degrees and if there are three angles in a triangle, 90 * 3 cannot equal 180. To have three equal sides, the angles must equal 60 degrees 60 * 3 = 180.

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