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Q: A truck and van left Paris in opposite directions the truck traveled for 8 hours at 85 mph the vehicles were 962 miles apart find the vans average speed?
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Does the Average speed equal total distance traveled divided by the total time traveled?


Is speed the distance that has been traveled?

No. The average speed would be the distance traveled divided by the elapsed time.

what tour bus traveled 912 miles in 16 hours. What is the average rate the bus traveled?


What is the average price for a used 106 GTI?

There is a great range of prices available for the Peugot 106 GTI vehicle. These prices depend on the condition that the car is in and how much distance the car has traveled. The price for one of these vehicles in average condition is around 1000 Great British Pounds.

What is the average number of miles traveled in a year?


How do you get the average speed?

Total distance traveled / time

What is the average speed traveled on all highways.?

about 45

What is definition of average speed?

The average rate of movement, for example the number of feet traveled in a certain number of seconds, or the number of miles traveled in a certain length of time.

How is average speed sometimes different than average velocity?

Average speed is the distance traveled divided by the time traveled. Average velocity is the displacement divided by the time traveled. Displacement is change in position, or final position (df) minus initial position (di). Let's say you traveled from your home to the mall and then back again. The total distance traveled was 30 miles, and the total time driven was 1 hour. Average speed = distance traveled/time traveled = 30 miles/1 hour = 30mi/hr or 30mph. Average velocity = (df - di)/time traveled = 0 mile/1 hour = 0 mi/hr or 0mph.* *In this case the final position and the initial position are the same (your house), so the displacement is zero. Something to think about: When a Nascar driver races 500 miles around an oval track, his average speed might be 160mph, but his average velocity when he finishes the race is 0mph.

What is the average cost of Ford commercial vehicles?

The average cost of Ford Commercial vehicles is $8,300. This is the average cost of Ford's greener, leaner commercial vehicles. These vehicles have a 6.8-liter V10 gas engine option and fuel-efficient six-speed transmission.

What is the opposite of below average?

above average

What is an objects total distance traveled dived by the total time it traveled?

Assuming that by "objects" you mean object's, by "traveled" you mean travelled, and by "dived" you mean divided, the answer is average speed.