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It will have travelled 4*60 = 240 miles

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Q: A vehicle is traveling 60 miles per hour (mph). Assuming that the vehicle's speed remains constant approximately how much distance will it travel in four hours?
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Does a car traveling the logest time always travels the gratest distance?

Not necessarily. The distance a car travels is determined by its speed and the time it spends traveling. If a car is traveling at a slower speed but for a longer period of time, it may not cover as much distance as a car traveling at a faster speed but for a shorter period of time. So, the longest time does not always correspond to the greatest distance traveled.

When an object is traveling the same distance every second it has a?

constant speed

How many miles from Bellingham to Roseburg?

The distance between Bellingham, Washington and Roseburg, Oregon is approximately 500 miles if traveling by car.

Distance travaled in feet after 45 seconds at 60 mph?

Assuming the rate of 60 mph is constant, traveling 60 mph means you are traveling one mile per minute. Since 45 seconds is 3/4 of a minute, you have traveled 3/4 of a mile, or3,960 feet

How far is it from Australia to America?

This all depends on what city you're traveling from, and what city you're traveling to, but the distance is approximately 9,000 miles.

What is the distance from Nashville to London?

Assuming you mean Nashville, TN to London, England, the distance is approximately 4200 miles.

What is the distance between Texas and la?

The distance between Texas and Los Angeles is approximately 1,200 miles if you are traveling by air. Driving distance is approximately 1,500 miles.

How does distance affect time?

Distance does not affect time. At very high speeds - close to the speed of light - speed does make time go slower. This is the Lorentz time-dilation.

What is the distance in KM between Lethbridge and Taber?

The distance between Lethbridge and Taber is approximately 60 kilometers when traveling by road.

What was the distance traveled between sardis and susa?

The distance between Sardis and Susa is approximately 1,350 miles (2,170 kilometers) when traveling by land.

What is the Distance from redwood national park to redding ca?

Approximately 177 miles traveling on CA-299.

Does the car traveling the longest time travel the greatest distance?

No. In general, for the simplified case of constant speed, use the formula: distance = speed x time