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Wavelength multiplied by the Frequency of the wave .

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Q: A wave's velocity is the product of the?
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Compared to the velocity of radio waves the velocity of visible light waves is?

The same.

Is the velocity of light more than velocity of radio waves?

No as they are both electromagnetic waves so have the same velocity but have differing wavelengths and frequencies.

What is sound wave velocity?

Sound waves are longitudinal waves in air. Velocity of sound waves in air at NTP = 332 m/s.

What is product velocity?

Product Velocity is the rate of change of the position of thing, equivalent to a specification of its velocity and way of activity.

What can be determine from the frequency and wavelength of a wave?

The velocity of the wave

If air resistance is negligible then terminal velocity is the velocity of shock waves?

If resistance is negligible, then there is no terminal velocity.

The product of an about's mass and its velocity?

The product of mass and velocity is called "momentum". Note that, since velocity is a vector, so is the momentum.

Do p waves or s waves have higher velocity?

P waves have a higher velocity than S waves. This is known because P waves (Primary waves) arrive at recording stations faster than all other waves. S waves (Secondary waves) arrive second at recording stations.

Does the color of a laser affect the velocity of the light waves projected by the laser?

does the color of a lease affect the velocity of the light waves projected by the laser?

What is an example of an object with a small mass that has a large momentum?

That would depend on what you consider "large".The size of an object's momentum = (its mass) x (its speed).So, more mass and more speed result in more momentum.

What is velocity of waves?

(Wavelength) multiplied by (frequency).

What is the velocity of atmospheric gravity waves?

it depends on the waves and how they are connected to the velocity. Remember, that velocity increases from left to right on a periodic table. The velocity is 24 amu per mile.