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60 mm/s

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Q: A wave has a wavelength of 15 mm and a frequency of 4.0 hertz What is its speed?
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If a wave has a wavelength of 10 mm and a frequency of 5.0 hertz what is the speed?

Wavelength= 10 mm. Frequency= 5.0 hertz. Speed= 50 mm/second (wavelength x frequency)

What unit do you get when you multiply hertz by meters?

You get a speed. If the 'Hertz' is the frequency of a particular wave, and the 'meters' is the wavelength of the same wave, then their product is the speed of that wave.

What is the speed of a wave if its wavelength is 0.02meters its frequencyis 400hz?

If you multiply the wavelength (in meters) and the frequency (in Hertz), you will get the speed of the wave (in meters per second).

What is the speed of a wave that has a frequency of 250 hertz and a length of 1.3 meters?

The equation to use in this case is:speed (of the wave) = wavelength x frequency If the frequency is in hertz, and the wavelength is in meters, the speed will be in meters/second.

What is the wavelength of a wave with a speed of 30 meters per second and a frequency of 10 hertz?

Wavelength = speed/frequency = 30/10 = 3 meters

What is wavelength of 40 hertz?

1 pulse every 40 microseconds is equal to a frequency of 25,000 hertz

What is the speed of a wave that has a wavelength of 60. meters and a frequency oof 6.0 hertz?

The speed of any wave is the product of wavelength x frequency. In this case, because of the units chosen (meters, and hertz, which is equal to 1/second), the speed will come out in meters/second.

What is the correlation between wavelengths and frequency?

Wavelength = wave speed/frequency Frequency = wave speed/wavelength (Wavelength) x (Frequency) = Wave speed

How does frequencey relate to wavelength?

Frequency = (wave speed) divided by (wavelength)Wavelength = (wave speed) divided by (frequency)Wave speed = (frequency) multiplied by (wavelength)

What is the frequency of the wave moving at the rate of 40 cms. Its wavelength is 8 cm.?

Divide the speed by the wavelength.

What is the frequency of this am radio wave in hertz when An AM radio station broadcasts news at 687 kHz?

For any wave, frequency x wavelength = speed (of the wave). In this case, convert the kHz to Hz, then divide the speed of light by this frequency. The speed of light should be in meters/second. The answer will be the wavelength in meters.

What is the speed of a wave when the frequency of the wave is 80 hertz and 16 cm?

Wave speed = (frequency) x (wavelength) = (80 per second) x (0.16 meter) = 12.8 meters/second