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speed = wavelength x frequency

therefore, you would solve this by multiplying 18 and 4 to find the speed.

There isn't enough information to find the velocity. In fact, it's doubtful whether

it's even appropriate to talk about the 'velocity' of a wave.

'Velocity' is not simply a word you use instead of 'speed' in order to sound smart.

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Q: A wave with a frequency of 18 hz has a wavelength of 4 meters what is the velocity of the wave?
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You can determine the velocity of a wave when given the frequency and the?

You can use the equation v=fw. that is velocity (in meters per second) equals the frequency (in hertz) times the wavelength (in meters). so you can find the velocity of a wave with the frequency and the wavelength.

What is the velocity of a wave that has a frequency of 50Hz and a wavelength of 20 meters?

Wave speed = (frequency) x (wavelength) = (50) x (20) = 1,000 meters.

What is the velocity of a wave with a frequency of Hz and a wavelength of 2 m?

Just multiply the frequency by the wavelength. In this case, the product will be in meters per second.

What is the velocity of a wave with a frequency of 6 hertz and a wavelength of 2 meters?

Speed = (wavelength) x (frequency) = (2 x 6) = 12 meters per second.That's the wave's speed. "Velocity" is something different, not just a wordto use when you mean "speed" but you want to sound more technical.

If a wave has a wavelength of 9 meters and a period of 0.006 what is the velocity of the wave?

The speed of the wave is equal to wavelength x frequency. You can calculate the frequency, in this case, as 1 / period.

A sound wave traveling at a speed of 340.0 meters per second has a wavelength of 1.25 what is the frequency?

Answer: frequency = 272 Hz. Given the wave velocity (speed of sound) and wavelength, find the frequency of the wave. Velocity = 340.0 m/s, Wavelength = 1.25 m. Formulas: Velocity = wavelength * frequency. Frequency = velocity / wavelength. Calculation: Frequency = (340.0 m/s) / (1.25 m) = 272 Hz. (Where Hertz = cycles / second.)

How do wavelength and periods relate?

Wavelength*Frequency = Velocity of the wave. or Wavelength/Period = Velocity of the wave.

What is the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave that has a frequency of 3 MHz?

An electromagnetic wave has a velocity "c", the universal wave equation velocity = wavelength * frequencythe wavelength then equal c / frequencythen the wavelength of that wave is : Lambda= c / Nu= 299792458 / 3*1000000 = 99.930819333333333333333333333333 meters ~ 100 meters(Lambda is the wavelength, Nu is the frequency).====================================To summarize:Wavelength = (speed) / (frequency) = (3 x 108) / (3 x 106) = 102 = 100 meters, in vacuum

Calculate the velocity of a wave having frequency of 0.5 Hz and wavelength of 5 m?

The speed of a wave = (frequency) x (wavelength) = 2.5 meters per second.

How is frequency related to velocity?

Frequency is the number of complete cycles of a wave that occur in a given time period. Velocity, on the other hand, is the speed at which the wave is moving in a particular direction. In general, for a given wave, as the frequency increases, the velocity of the wave also increases.

What it the velocity of a sound wave with a frequency of 425 Hz and a wavelength of 0.75 m?

The speed is (frequency) x (wavelength) = 318.75 meters per second.

What is the frequency of a wave with the velocity of 100ms and a wavelength of 20m?

velocity = frequency × wavelength frequency = velocity / wavelength f= 100 /20 f= 5 Hz