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254 GPM

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Q: A wet well is 6 feet in diameter and it takes a pump 50 seconds to drop the level 1 foot what is the pumping rate in gallons per minute?
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How do you find out the gallons per minute fo your pool pump?

It should state the gallons per minute on a label attached to the pump, or on the pump maker's website. To experiment yourself, would involve pumping a measured number of gallons using a stop watch!

Finding Gallons Per Minute?

Find the diameter of the pipe and the pressure and its all simple math after that

Can you calculate the gallons per minute of a hose if you know the psi of the water flow and the length and diameter of the hose?

You can indeed figure this out using hydraulics formulas. However, a simpler solution. Run the water into a 5 gallon bucket, and time how long it takes to fill the bucket in seconds. Use this formula: Gallons per minute = 300 / TimeToFillBucket

How many gallons per minute of Kerosene will flow through a 1 steel pipe?

There is no way of knowing with out knowing whats pumping it and at what pressure.

How do you convert gallons per minute to cubic feet per second?

Gallons per minute is the amount of gallons used or moved or saved for every minute of time that passes. If you wanted to calculate how many gallons were pumped through a water fountain every minute, you would measure this and divide the gallons by the minutes and get your "gallons per minute".

What is the angular velocity in radians per minute of ferris wheel 250 feet in diameter that takes 45 seconds to rotate once?

The angular velocity of a wheel taking 45 seconds to rotate once is 2 2/3 pi radians per minute. The diameter of the wheel does not matter in this case.

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60 seconds are in a minute!