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It is a factor.

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Q: A whole number that can divide evenly into another number without a remainder?
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What is divisidility?

one # is divide by another f it can be divided evenly without a remainder

How you know if 21 divides evenly into another number?

You just divide it by 21 and if there is no remainder then it went in evenly.

What does it mean for a number to be a factor of another number?

It means it can divide into the other number evenly with no remainder.

What does for one number to be a factor of another?

It means that number can divide into the other number evenly, with no remainder.

What is the definition of to divide evenly?

In math it means when you divide two numbers, there is no remainder or there is a remainder of zero.

What numbercan go into 150 evenly?

1,2,3,5,30,50,75 & 150 will all divide into 150 without leaving a remainder !

Is it true or false that any number that divides another number with a remainder of 2 is called a factor?

False. Factors divide evenly with no remainder.

Can you have a remainder when dividing?

Yes if no doesn't divide evenly

What is it called for a number that is a factor of a numbers?

A factor or a divisor is a number that will divide into another number evenly and leaving no remainder.

What is the greatest common factor of 2 or more terms?

The largest number that will divide evenly into all the members of a given set of numbers.

When is a number called a factor number?

A number is called a factor when it can divide evenly into another number with no remainder. Integers only.

What are the factors of 6772966193971001201152201212005001000?

They are the numbers that will divide into it evenly and leaving no remainder