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2 mil yearl

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Q: About how old would you be if you lived until you were a billion hours old?
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How old would you be if you lived until you were a billion hours old?

You would be a billion hours old at that point, and you would die at the age of 114,077 . (One hundred fourteen thousand . . . . )

If you were around for one billion hours how old would you be?


If you lived at 50 north latitude how many daylight hours would you have at the summer solstice?

about 16.3 hours

How many hours are in three million minutes?

Just divide 3 billion by 60 and you get 50 million. ---------- The question however is how many hours in 3 million minutes, not 3 billion minutes. So the correct answer would be 50,000 hours.

How old would Nero be now if he has lived?

The emperor of Rome live many centuries ago so even if he lived to be an old man, he would not have lived until today. No man has lived to be 1,800 years old.

How old would someone be if they were born in 1938 and lived until 2010?


How long would it take to travel 3.57 billion miles at 25700 miles per hour?

Time = Distance / Speed = 3.57 billion / 25700 hours = 138910.5 hours = approx 5788 days = nearly 16 years.

How many boys are in the world including the ones that died?

Well, there are about 6.5 billion people in the world now, so about 3.25 billion males. But if you want every male who ever lived, it would be about 7 billion (this is a complete guess, but it would be about that because there were so few people in the world before about 1850)

How many years have you lived in a billion seconds?

60*60*24=86400*365*10=315,360,000 THEN DIVIDE THAT BY A BILLION!! ;) Which would APPROX. equal 3.17 Round it off and then you'll get 32 yrs. old!!

How long would it take you to get to 2 billion if you get 24 dollars every 30 seconds?

That would be $48 every minute. So......................... $2,000,000,000/48 = 41666666.67 minutes/60 minutes =694444.4444 hours/24 hours = 28935.18519 days/365 days = ~ 79 years to get 2 billion dollars -----------------------------------------------

How long would it take to spend one billion dollars at one million dollars per hour?

one thousand hours :D

How old would you be if you lived million hours?

Just divide the number of hours by 24, to get days; then divide the result by 365, or by 365.2422, to get the number of years.