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Q: According to the model what is the median height of girls who are 48 months or 4 years old?
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What is the minimum height to become a tennis player for girls?

No Minimum Height! :)

What is the average height of the boys .if average height of 15 boys and 20 girls is 1.5 meter.and the average height of girls is 1.45 m?

It is 1.566... repeating metres.

Is height been affected if girls reaches puberty?

Girls grow during puberty and increase in height. Lots of changes happen to girls as they grow into an adult.

Is 5 foot 3 and 34 really tall for a 12 year old girl who turned twelve about 4 months ago?

no not really i turned twelve lets see in April so that has been what like 4 months too and im 5 foot 2 and there are girls who are a lot taller than me so what you are is like a good height cuz most girls i go to school with are around my height so you're good and don't feel self concious or anything your above average height but I'm 12 and 5 foot 9 inches

What do teenage girls like in boys height age or personality girls only?

Girls worth liking will like our personality.

What stunts height in girls?

Coffee stunts growth in girls and boys so stay away from it!!!!

What is the height for jr high high jump?

The height of the 110m hurdles in Jr High is 33 inches (83.8 cm)

What age do most girls reach their full height?

it varies. they mostly stop growing once they go through puberty.On average, girls reach full height at 16 and boys reach their full height at 18-20.

When can a netherland dwarf rabbit breed?

5 months for boys 6 months for girls (:

Does Niall Horan like girls that are taller than him or shorter than him?

Niall likes girls who are his height

How much might an 11-year-old weigh?

Average height and weight at the age of 11 should be: For boys: 52 inches height with 77 lbs For girls: 54 inches height with 79.s lbs. At this age girls would more height when compared to boys.

Will girls always be the same height as their mothers?

No only sometimes