Add 1 tenth to 1 hundredth?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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One tenth = 0.1

One hundredth = 0.01

0.1 + 0.01 = 0.11 (or eleven hundredths)

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Q: Add 1 tenth to 1 hundredth?
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How many hundredths equal a tenth?

Ten hundredths equal a tenth. For example, when you add 1 hundredth (0.01) to 9 hundredths (0.09), you get 1 tenth (0.1).

Explain how a tenth is related to a hundredth?

1/10 x1/10=1/100 so the square root of a hundredth is a tenth. A tenth is ten hundredths.

What is 1 hundredth from 1 tenth?

9 hundredths

What is 10.49 secounds rounded to the nearest tenth of a secound?

10.5 seconds. When you round off to the nearest tenth, look at the hundredth number. If it is less than 5 (exclusive of 5), just remove all the numbers from the hundredth digit. If it is at least 5, add 1 to the tenth digit, then remove all digits from the hundredth onwards.

How a tenth is related to a hundredth?

One tenth is ten times bigger than one hundredth. That is 1/10 = 10 x 1/100.

How many tenths are in a hundredths?

There are a tenth of a tenth in a hundredth. Numerically, 1/10 of 1/10 = 1/100

What is the sum of one tenth and one hundredth?

One tenth =1/10=0.1 One hundredth=1/100=0.01 Sum =0.1+0.01=0.11

How do you write four and eight hundredth in decimal form?

0.1 = 1 tenth 0.01 = 1 hundredth 0.04 = 4 hundredth 0.08 = 8 hundredth

Is a tenth bigger or hundredth?


Round 10.13 to the nearest hundredth?

10.13 is already shown to the hundredth place. Example: .1 (1 is in the tenth place) .01 (1 is in the hundredth place) .001 (1 is in the thousandth place)

What is 0.228 rounded as a hundredth and tenth?

To the nearest tenth, 0.2 To the nearest hundredth, 0.23

What is greatest a hundredth or a tenth?

A tenth is greater.