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half a gross = 72 one and a half score = 30 Answer 102... Easy!

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Q: Add half a gross to one and a half score?
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How many in a bakers score and a bakers gross?

Never heard of "bakers score" and "bakers gross", a bakers dozen is 13 because bakers used to throw in an extra bun for example if you ordered 12 buns, a baker would throw in one more making it thirteen, a score is 20 and a gross is 144, so if you go with the "bakers dozen" rule I suppose you add one to a score and one to a gross.

What is One gross divided by one score?

Gross = 144 (or 12 dozens)Score = 20Gross = 144 (or 12 dozens)Score = 20Gross = 144 (or 12 dozens)Score = 20Gross = 144 (or 12 dozens)Score = 20

How do you score mushroom caps?

Each mushroom cap is worth one point. Stems are worth one half. Add them up and that's your score. Play against your friends.

What is a half add a half?


What is 8 and one quarter add 8 and a half?

8 and one quarter add 8 and a half = 16

What is the pattern of 18 9 10 5 6?

Cut in half, add one, cut in half, add one and so on.

What is one sixth add one half?

one twelfth

Can you make bread and add banana to one half and cheese to one half?


What is the plural form of gross?

There seems to be differing opinions on the plural form for the noun gross. Half the dictionaries consulted use the singular noun form for both singular and plural (one gross, two gross), the other half uses the plural form grosses.

What is net strokes in golf?

For a round of golf, the net score for a player is their gross score minus their handicap. The net score for one hole is the gross for the hole, minus the strokes allowed for the hole. The stroke index for the hole and the players handicap is used to determine how many strokes you get, and on which holes.

How do you add one fourth plus one half?

One half is two fourths, add one fourth makes three fourths I call that three quarters.

What is a quarter add a quarter?

One half

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