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20 + 1

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Q: Add numbers to equal 21
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Related questions

What two numbers multiply to equal 21 but add together equal -22?


What two numbers when multipled equal 80 and also can add to equal -21?

-5 and -16

What 2 numbers add to equal 21 but multiply to equal 72?

24 & 3

What two number multiply to equal -210 and add to equal 11?

The numbers are: 21 and -10

What two numbers multiplied together equal 24 and if you add those two numbers together they equal -3?


What two numbers multiply together to equal -567 and add together to equal six?

-21, 27

What times something equal -196 but add up to then equal 21?


What are the two consecutive numbers that equal to 43?

21 and 22 add to 43

What numbers add up to equal 21 and multiply to equal 72?


What two numbers multiply together to equal negative 126 but add together to equal 15?


What two numbers add up to -27 and multiply to equal 126?


What numbers add to equal 28?

14 plus 14,8 plus 20,9 plus 21

What two numbers add to equal 3 but multiply to give you negative 18?


What two numbers equal 42?

21 and 21 equal 42.

What factors of a number equal 21?

Two factors of 110, 11 and 10, equal 21 if you add them.

What two numbers add together to equal -4 and multiply together to equal 24?


What numbers will multiply to equal -2592 and add to equal -1296?


What 4 numbers add up to 21?


What prime numbers equal to 21?

if you mean their product is 21, then 7x3=21

How do you factor x2 -11x plus 21?

Unfortuanately, you can't factor this polynomial. To do so, you must find a pair of numbers that add up to the coefficient of the middle term, and multiply to equal the product of the coefficients of the first and last terms. In other words, we want a pair of numbers that add up to make -11, and multiply to make 21. Unfortunately there are no natural numbers that meet that condition.

What two numbers multiply to equal 196 and add to equal -53?


How do you add all numbers 1-6 to equal 11?

You cannot. The sum of all the numbers between 1 and 6 is infinite because there are infinitely many such numbers. The sum of all the integers is 21 and nothing will change the fact that they add up to that value.

What two numbers multipy together to equal 4900 and add together to equal -140?


What are two numbers that equal -12 when multiplied together but equal 6 when added together?

The numbers are: 3 -sq rt of 21 and 3 +sq rt of 21

What two of the same numbers equal 21?

10.5 + 10.5 = 21

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