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If A is number of adult tickets, and B is number of student tickets, we get a system of two equations for two unknowns:



By solving this system, we obtain


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A drama club sold 120 child tickets and 80 adult tickets to a play a child ticket is 3 dollars less than an adult ticket The club sold a total of 640 dollars worth of tickets What were the prices?

The tickets are $5 adult and $2 child. Here is the algebraic substitution. A = adult ticket money C = child ticket money 120C + 80A = 640 C = A-3 (three dollars less) 120 (A-3) + 80A = 640 120 A - 360 + 80A = 640 200 A = 1000 A = 5 C = A - 3 = 2 Checking your answer: 120(2) + 80 (5) = 240 + 400 = 640

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