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what are the advantages in give salary or wages to ann employee? what are the advantages in give salary or wages to an employee?

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2008-12-01 04:51:45
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Q: Advantages of minimum wages
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What is 30 percent off minimum wages?

30% off of minimum wages = 30% discount applied to the minimum wages = minimum wages - (30% * minimum wages)

Is HRA included in minimum wages?

No, it is not mandatory. It may or may not be included in minimum wages

Minimum wages are applicable for private security services?

what is the minimum wages are india for private security agency

What is the difference between minimum living and fair wages and how it can be fixed under the minimum wages act 1948?


Who was first to propose minimum wages and health insurance?

the first to propose minimum wages and health insurance was the third party

Minimum Wages in India different state?

the minimum wages for india it is ind 7,000 (~us $92.30) per year

What is the minimum wages for waitress in NYC?

8.00 hr is Fed. minimum.

What are the Forms of wages?

Wages have been classified into three different categories. The categories are living wages, minimum wages, and fair wages. Living wages are often defined as the wages needed in order to provide the necessities in order to live; such as food, clothing, and housing. Minimum wage is determined by the government, and are the lowest wages one can legally earn. Fair wage is the mean between the living wage and the minimum wage.

What is difference between payment of wages act and minimum wages act?

The difference between the Payment of Wages Act and the Minimum Wages Act is in what these acts enforce. The Payment of Wages Act ensures when payments should be made, how they should be made, and limits deductions. The Minimum Wages Act ensures that workers in certain industries are paid at least a certain predetermined amount.

How does a minimum wage hike affect union wages and benefits?

For the most part it does not. Most unions have wages above minimum wage. Depending on members wages, the type of job each member has, and the amount of the minimum wage increase, it may make it easier for a union to push for higher wages.

What is your expected wages?

A minimum wage ofr salary or over the minimum wage.

What has the author Finis Welch written?

Finis Welch has written: 'Minimum wages legislation in the United States' -- subject(s): Wages, Minimum wage

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