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Q: After you divide a polynomial by a monomial you can check your answer by multiplying it by the original?
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What do you multiply after you divide a polynomial by a monomial?

You multiplay the consents and who cares about math, go out and party! the world will end in 2012 anyway!To divide a polynomial by a monomial you don't need to multiply the polynomial.

How do we divide a binomial by a monomial?

You divide each term of the binomial by the monomial, and add everything up. This also works for the division of any polynomial by a monomial.

When you divide polynomials is it a binomial or a monomial?

If the quotient of a certain binomial and 20x2 is is the polynomial

How do you divide a monomial by a binomial?

You use long division of polynomials.

What is polynomial division?

That means that you divide one polynomial by another polynomial. Basically, if you have polynomials "A" and "B", you look for a polynomial "C" and a remainder "R", such that: B x C + R = A ... such that the remainder has a lower degree than polynomial "B", the polynomial by which you are dividing. For example, if you divide by a polynomial of degree 3, the remainder must be of degree 2 or less.

After arranging in descending order what is the first step in factoring polynomials?

Determine the GCF .If it is 1 then continue with the next step but if it is a number such as three then remove that number and divide each monomial by that number and put the polynomial within a set of parentheses with the GCF on the outside of the parentheses

What are two polynomial functions whose quotient will have the same degree as the divisor?

For example, if you divide a polynomial of degree 2 by a polynomial of degree 1, you'll get a result of degree 1. Similarly, you can divide a polynomial of degree 4 by one of degree 2, a polynomial of degree 6 by one of degree 3, etc.

What is the opposite of divide?


How is a rational function the ratio of two polynomial functions?

That's the definition of a "rational function". You simply divide a polynomial by another polynomial. The result is called a "rational function".

Explain the steps used to divide a polynomial by a polynomial?

You can find explanation and examples here:

Is 4 - 3x plus 5x2 a polynomial?

Yes. If you add, subtract or multiply (but not if you divide) any two polynomials, you will get a polynomial.

What does it mean for a polynomial to be closed under addition subtraction and multiplication?

It means that you can do any of those operations, and again get a number from the set - in this case, a polynomial. Note that if you divide a polynomial by another polynomial, you will NOT always get a polynomial, so the set of polynomials is not closed under division.