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it is true
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Q: All caves contains some form of life true or false?
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Is it true or false that DNA contains all the instructions necessary to life?

true boyyy

What varies in DNA to form different life forms?

DNA contains the genes which determine what the life form will be.

all caves cotain some form of life true or false?

True. Even if not visible, like an animal, there is always something living there. like the rocks that make up the cave, or the oxygen that is flourishing all around the cave.

What characteristic of the earth makes it different from all other planet?

It contains Life. It also contains water in liquid form.

what plant life lives in underwater caves b?

No life.

How river contributes to life inside the caves?

They form habitats for aquatic animals, mainly invertebrates but also a few species of fish and salamander.

Do you think the moon contains life in any form?

It is reported that our moon, Luna, contains H2O, or water. Life here on Earth first came from bodies of water, because it can support delicate forms of life. Therefore, the moon may contain life in form of microorganisms just like here on Earth...

What contains instructions to cells aout how to form a heart?

Explanation: The Deoxyribonucleic acid contains information that instructs the cells to combine together to form a heart. The basic structural and functional unit of life is cell

True or false It is not always possible to clearly distinguish life from non-life?


The most noticeable form of a moss life cycle is the?

The gametophyte stage of the moss life cycle is the most visible. The reason for this is because it contains chlorophyll.

is speleology the study of life in outer space or study of caves?


True or False does our body contains a number of radioactive isotopes?

yes, off the top of my head i can think of carbon 14, which is radioactive and has a half life of 5370 years.

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