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The moon.

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Q: Always old sometimes new never sad sometimes blue never empty sometimes full never pushing always pulling what are you?
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Does pulling out always avoid pregnancy?

No. Sometimes precum has semen in it.

Is the acceleration of an object always in the direction of the net force acting on it?

Yes it will only move the way you are pushing or pulling it.

How is throwing up a ball a force?

It will always be a force, just as lon as you are pushing or pulling it up!

How do you know that a guy really likes you?

It always depends on the boy of course, but sometimes if you are looking at him and he looks at you then turns away quickly. Sometimes if he is mean to you in a flirty way or just plain mean to you it could be a sign. If he is flirty with only you. Sometimes if his friends are always pushing him to talk to you it could mean something. Again it always depends on the boy, and the age of him.

Why was the elevator always so grouchy?

People were always pushing its buttons

What are some funny characteristics of Harry Potter?

Fred and George Weasley are always pulling funny pranks and Dumbledore is always saying weird stuff. Also Peeves is always joking and pulling pranks.

When was Sometimes Always created?

Sometimes Always was created in 1994-07.

Always others who are already in the intersection?

No. Sometimes you are the first - unless you always jump the lights.

Do guys go out with a girl to make a her jealous?

Sometimes but not always. Sometimes but not always. yes! it does happen but not always and not wid everyone

Is a square always or sometimes a parallelogram?


Is a rectangle always sometimes or never a parallelogram?


What is the negation of always?

The negation of always is sometimes or never.

are cat claws sharp always?

not always sometimes

Is a trapezoid sometimes always or never a quadrilateral?


Is a trapezoid always sometimes or never a quadrilateral?


Are two obtuse triangles always similar?

Not always, sometimes two obtuse triangles are similar and sometimes they are not similar.

If you put domestic Rouen ducks in the wild is that a danger to wild Mallards?

it sometimes could, althoughnot always. They sometimes fight for food it sometimes could, althoughnot always. They sometimes fight for food it sometimes could, althoughnot always. They sometimes fight for food

How effective is pulling out?

It works most of the time, but not always.

Are terminating decimals always sometimes or never a rational number?


Is a square a rhombus sometimes always or never?

Well a rhombus is sometimes and square. but a square is always a rhombus

Is it always cold in Transylvania?

Not always, only sometimes in the winter.

Does chemical weathering always involve water?

Not always but sometimes

Two points are sometimes never or always collinear?


Are free aps on iTunes demos?

Not always. Sometimes they are but not always.

Is a trapezoid sometimes always or never a prrallelogram?

It is always a parallelogram