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she is 1,000,000,000 (its true!) youll see y

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Q: Amy's mother is 28 years older than Amy Both their ages are prime numbers The sum of their ages is 54 How old is Amy?
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The sum of the ages of jj aj and bj is 79 aj is 6 years older than jj all of their ages are prime numbers what are their ages?

11, 31 and 37

Was Mother Teresa the oldest of the children in her family?

She was the youngest child in the family and had an older brother and an older sister.

What is the first decade with only 4 prime numbers?

1-10 AD had the years 2, 3, 5, and 7, which were prime numbers.

Who is Liam Paynes family?

He has two older sisters, Nicola (Older by four years) and Ruth (Older by two years). And his parents are Geoff (his father) and Karen (his mother).

What are all the prime numbers'?

It is impossible to list all the prime numbers: it has been proven (2000 years ago) that there are infinitely many. In other words, there is no last prime number.

Ten years ago Anu's mother was four times older than her daughterafter ten years the mother will be twice older than daughterthe present age of Anu is?

20 and her mother is 50 10 years ago they were 10 and 40 10 years from now they will be 30 and 60

Did eratosthenes make a mistake in prime numbers?

The algorithm for identifying prime numbers which is known as the Sieve of Eratosthenes has been accepted as accurate for thousands of years.

Who is the creator of prime numbers?

There is no creator of prime numbers. They would exist even if there were no human beings. There are species of locusts which swarm at intervals of a prime number of years so as to keep their population out of synchronisation with their predators.

Only once in American history has there been a decade in which four of the years were prime numbers can you find it?

The 1870s. 1871, 1873, 1877, and 1879 are all prime numbers.

If the father is 44 years old and 1 and a half times older than the mother how old is the mother?

110 right?

Was Mother Teresa's brother born before her?

Yes, her brother, Lazar, was two years older than Mother Teresa.

Was the sum of all prime numbers?

Prime numbers with hundreds of digits have been found, but there are still more to come that haven't been found yet. It's not possible to add up all the prime numbers, because nobody knows what they all are yet. Since there is no last prime number (this was proved 2000 years ago by Euclid), the sum of all prime numbers is infinite.