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A factor of a number.

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Q: An exact devisor of a number?
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What is the greatest common devisor of 18 and 45?


What is an exact decimal?

an exact decimal must be with the number 0. in it or it is not exact.

What is the meaning of devisor?

One who devises, or gives real estate by will; a testator; -- correlative to devisee.

An exact divisor of an number?

The vocabulary word for an exact divisor of a number is factor.

How many pokemon fans like raquaza exact number?

This is not something that you can get an exact number for.

What is the exact number of natural numbers?

There is no "exact". It is infinite.

What is an exact number in math?

A number

When you round both factors to a greater number how will your estimate compare with the exact number?

Your estimate will be greater than the exact number.

What is a great common devisor?

The greatest common divisor is another name for the greatest common factor (GCF) and refers to the largest number that will divide into two or more numbers evenly with no remainder.

How many possible remainders are there when 8 is the devisor?

There are 8 possible remainders - including 0.

What is the exact number of e?

The number e is what is known as a transcendental number; it would require an infinitely long decimal expansion to give you the exact number.

What does exact number mean?

the exact answer is no other # it is right on that point

Is there an exact number on how many Jews survived World War 2?

There is (an exact) number, but noone knows what it is.

Is Avogadro number an exact number?


What is the exact square root of 6?

The exact square root is √6 or 60.5. It is an irrational number and so cannot be expressed in exact form as a decimal number.

When would you estimate instead of finding an exact number?

When it would take much too much time to find an exact number and you don't need it to be exact.

What is the greatest common devisor of 57?

You need at least two numbers to find something in common.

Knowing what number of entity occurrences is very helpful at the application software level?

exact exact exact

What is the exact number of lakes in the world?

Hundreds of thousands - impossible to be exact

What is the middle number in six?

There is no exact middle number if the number of numbers is even.

What is the exact median for 7585908684?

The exact median of a single number is itself! So the answer is 7585908684.

What is the least common devisor of 240 and 190?

The least common factor of any set of positive integers is 1.

What is the exact divisor of a number?


What is the exact number of nuns in the world?

18598 in 1969

what is the exact number between 280 and 320?