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Q: An R-value is a rating for materials used as?
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What is the difference between lvalue and rvalue?

A variable is a named storage that can hold any value and has 2 values associated with it namely rvalue and lvalue. 'rvalue' is its data value that is its content and "lvalue" is its location value, that is memory address.

What is lvalue?

A variable has two associated value with it rvalue and lvalue. 'lvalue' is its location value, that is memory address.

What is L value error in C?

When there is no addressable value in program, then compiler will give lvalue error. Lvalue or location value is an address that is stored into while rvalue is the "read" value, ie., value of a constant or the value stored at a location. In the assignment a = 31; we have the lvalue of a used on the left hand side and the integer contant value 31 assigned to this location. In the assignment b = a; we have the rvalue of a (31) used to assign to the lvalue of b . So depending on which side of an assignment, we use the variable a , we get two different behaviors

What are the materials used for carinosa dance?

materials used in carinosa

Which materials are used in the manufacturing of standard resistors and heating materials?

Manganin used for standard materials...

Is a rating system for webpages that is similar to rating systems used for movies?

Internet Content Rating Associations (ICRA)

The octane number of zero is assigned to?

Heptane has the number 0, and the number assigned to isooctane is 100. These two materials are used to grade the octane rating of petroleum fuels.This is called bracketing method.

What are standard and poor's and moody's?

They are based on current information furnished by the insurance company or obtained by S& P from sources it considers reliable.

The SEDBUK rating is used in what industry?

The SEDBUK rating is an energy efficiency rating developed by the UK government and used in the boiler industry. It is used to provide a comparison between different models of boilers and different manufacturers.

What are halochromic materials used for?

Halochromic materials are used for stuff :P

What three types of materials are used to make impressions?

Dental materials are examples of materials that are used to make impressions.

What materials can carbon dating be used to date?

Only materials or artefacts containing organic materials can be used.