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It could be called an equivalence relationship.

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Q: An equation that sets two fractions equal to each other is called a?
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What is an equation that sets two fractions equal to each other called?

I would call an equation of this type a ratio and proportion.

If two fraction are the same what is it called?

Two fractions that are the same are called equivalent fractions. Example: 4/5 and 8/10. When two fractions are set equal to each other in an equation, that equation is called a proportion: 4/5 = x/10

What is an equation that's sets two fractions equal to each other?

They are equivalent fractions as for example: 3/4 = 9/12

What do do equal fractions form?

Two fractions set equal to each other form a proportion.

What are the two algebraic expressions set equal to each other called?

An equation

When does an equation not equal to each other?

Never. By definition, the two sides of an equation are equal.

What are both sides of an equation equal to?

An equation has two sides, and each of these sides is equal to the other.

How a equation look?

An equation must have an equal (=) sign and both side are the same, that is, equal to each other.

Can the quotient of two fractions be ever equal to one?

Yes, but only if the two fractions are the same or equivalent fractions (other than 0).

How do an equation look?

Two expressions that equal each other is an equation

What fractions are not equal to 4.12?

-- All proper fractions are not equal to 4.12 , -- Of the infinite supply of improper fractions, all of them are not equal to 4.12 except only 103/25 and other ratios of (a multiple of 103)/(the same multiple of 25).

When you add fractions you are finding their?

The answer to an addition is called the sum. Fractions and other numbers.

What are two expressions that equal to each other?

An equation.

What are two fractions set equal to each other mean?

It's a proportion.

When can two equations be equal?

Two equations are equal when the result of the functions of the numbers and variables of one equation match the results of the other equation.

How many fractions are equivalent to 4 5ths?

There are an infinite number of proper fractions equal to any other fraction - as long as you multiply the numerator and denominator by the same number, the fractions will be equivalent.

What other fractions equal 14 over 16?

14/16 = 7/8

What fractions are not equal to 2 with a denominator of 10?

Everything other than 20/10.

Is -9 6 0 a true equation?

That's not an equation, it has no equal sign. It seems that when typing a question, the equal sign and some other signs get eliminated on this site; you'll have to write the equal sign as "equals" or "equal"; similarly for some other special symbols.

How can you tell if two fractions are equivalent?

Two fractions are equivalent if the fully simplified fractions are equal. If you can multiply the fraction with the smaller numerator and denominator by the same value to equal the second fraction. For example the fractions 3/4 and 9/12. The nominator and denominator, 3 and 4 have both been multiplied by 3 to equal 9/12. Cross multiply. If the products are equal, the fractions are equal. Cross multiplying means to multiply each numerator of one fraction with the denominator of the other fraction.

What is Exact ordinary differential equation?

exact differential equation, is a type of differential equation that can be solved directly with out the use of any other special techniques in the subject. A first order differential equation is called exact differential equation ,if it is the result of a simple differentiation. A exact differential equation the general form P(x,y) y'+Q(x,y)=0Differential equation is a mathematical equation. These equation have some fractions and variables with its derivatives.

Explain the difference between an expression and an equation?

An expression is a statement of terms and has no equal sign. An equation is a statement of two terms that equal each other.

What is true in every balanced equation?

One side is equal to the other.

What is eqation?

An equation consists of two expressions that equal each other.

An equation that sets two ratios equal to each other?

A proportion.

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