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the nd of the world

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Q: An event that will never happen is called?
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What is an event that will never happen called?


What does it mean if an event has a probability of 0?

That the event will never happen.

When is the mew event on diamond?

itll never happen

What is a description of how likely it is that an event will happen called?


What does a probability of 0 mean give an example?

ifan event has a probability of zero it'll never happen. 6 over 0 will never happen.

Define The likely hood that a particular event will occur?

The likelihood that a particular event will happen is the probability of that event.

If an event is unlikely to happen its probability is?

If the even is never going to take place, and it is for sure, then it's probability will be 0. For example, if the event is : A child being born with powers like Superman. For this event, the probability would be 0! But in practicality, if the event is unlikely to happen, it's probability is likely to be nearer to 0. Keeping in mind the difference between "unlikely to happen" and "never going to happen for sure". Because there is a possibility that the event that is unlikely to happen may just happen once in a thousand years. So in this case, the probability will be very very close to 0, but it will not be 0 exactly.

An event that will definitely happen is an event with what percent probability?

An event that will definitely happen is an event with 100% probability.

Can -1.5 be the probability of an event?

No. The probability of an event ranges from 0 (the event will not happen) to 1 (the event will happen).

What is evolution by a chance event called?

I think you want genetic drift. That is a random event, which is subtly different than a chance event, though a chance event, such as an unforeseen accident can be part of it. Accidents always happen by chance, but to be random they happen in no set numerical order.

What is a probability of 0 which means the event has to happen?

If the probability of an event is zero then that event cannot happen

What was the preemptive war after 911?

Preemption must happen before not after something.Any response to an event is reactive, never preemptive.