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Q: An isoceles triangle has two congruent sides and four points are always coplanar?
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Does and isoceles triangle always have to have two congruent sides?


What polygon is with three sides and congruent?

Isoceles triangular * * * * * Any triangle. Congruence is a relationship between two figures. Given any triangle you can always find another that it is congruent to.

Is an isoceles triangle a right triangle?

It can be but need not always be.

Is a triangle always congruent?


Does an obtuse triangle always have 3 congruent sides?

An obtuse triangle does not always have three congruent sides. An obtuse triangle can be any form that always has three angles.

Is an isosceles triangle always never or sometimes congruent?

"Congruent" means "same shape and size as the other one". So one thing all by itself is never congruent. It needs something else to be congruent with. An isosceles triangle is never congruent to a scalene triangle, sometimes congruent to any other kind of triangle, and always congruent to another isosceles triangle that's congruent to the first one.

Which triangle always has three sides that are not congruent?

scalene triangle

A triangle with two congruent sides is always?

An isosceles triangle.

Which triangle always has at least two congruent sides?

Isosceles triangle

Are a scalene triangle and an isoceles triangles sometimes always or never similar?

Sometimes similar but it depends

Are 2 equilateral triangles always congruent?

No. A triangle with 2-inch sides is not congruent with a triangle with 3-inch sides.

Is an isosceles triangle always congruent to a right triangle?

Not all the time but it can happen