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1.788 minutes.

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Q: An object is traveling at a speed of 45 km per minute how long to 50 miles?
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What is the speed a object traveling 30 miles in 20 minutes?

1.5 miles per minute, or 90 miles per hour.

An object is traveling at a speed of 45 km per minute how long to make 50 miles?

It will take 1.79 minutes to travel 50 miles.

A car is traveling 90.0 kilometers per hour. what is its speed in miles per minute?

About 0.93 miles per minute.

How many mile can you go in a minute if you are going 70 miles an hour?

You can go 0.8 miles in one minute if you are traveling at an average speed of 70 miles per hour.

What speed would you be traveling to go 22 miles in 7 minutes?

22/7 = 3.142857... repeating miles per minute.

Uniform circuler motion occurs when an object is traveling with speed in a circle?

When an object is traveling with constant speed in a circle

Traveling without changing speed?

When you (or an object) travel without changing speed, then you have constant velocity (speed). This means there is no change in speed (acceleration) when you (or an object) is traveling.

Miles per hour in 6 tenths of a mile at 1.2 seconds?

An object traveling 0.6 miles in 1.2 seconds is traveling at a speed of 2 miles per second, which is 7200 miles per hour.

What is the speed of light miles per minute?

the speed of light = 11,176,943.8 miles per minute

Does speed include the direction an object is traveling?

No, speed is directionless.

Which object has a constant speed?

a car traveling the speed limit

A car is traveling at a rate of 66 miles per hour What is the car's rate in miles per minute?

Dividing the speed in miles per hour by the number of minutes in one hour gives 66/60 = 1.1 miles per minute.

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