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if the cycle lasts 5 seconds, then the frequency is 0.2 Hz

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Q: An ocean wave can have a cycle that lasts 5 seconds What is its frequency?
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What is the Hz of an ocean wave?

-- If the ocean waves lap the shore every 15 seconds then their frequency is 1/15 Hz.-- If the waves come every 30 seconds then the frequency is 1/30 Hz.-- If the waves come every minute (60 seconds) then their frequency is 1/60 Hz....etc.In general, the frequency of ocean waves, and any other waves, is1/the number of seconds between consecutive waves

The period of an ocean wave is 10 seconds what is the wave's frequency?

Period = 1/FrequencySo if we set Frequency = x THEN:10 = 1/x10x = 1x = 1/10IF Period of a Wave is 10 Seconds THEN The Frequency =1/10 or .10

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Life cycle of ocean

If you see an ocean wave hit the beach every 8 seconds what is its frequency?

1 wave / 8 seconds = 0.125 waves per second

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The duration of Ocean Force is 1800.0 seconds.

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How do you measure the frequency of the wave?

Since there are several kinds of waves, there are several ways to measure their frequency. Electrical waves can be measured with a frequency counter, an analog frequency meter or an oscilloscope. Ocean waves' frequency is measured with a stopwatch, but most people who measure ocean waves want to know how large they are rather than how fast they're coming.

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