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Not sure exactly what you mean...but I guess you could say there are angles in soccer. When your teammate has the ball you have to angle yourself so they have a clear passing lane without a defender being in the way. Also the goalkeeper needs to know angles so they can properly place themselves so they are covering as much of the goal from the forward/striker as possible. They need to make scoring as hard as possible for the opposite team so therefore they want to cut down the angle between the player and the goalkeeper.

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Q: Angles in soccer
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How do you use geometry in soccer?

angles of the passes. As well as angles of the ball.

What are three ways math can be used in soccer?


What is the angle of a soccer ball?

The angles around the circumference of a soccer ball add up to 360 degrees

How is a soccer goalie related to science?

A soccer goalie is not related to science. A soccer goalie is related to math because of all the angles he or she must cover.

What does math have to do with soccer?

You have to know angles for shooting, the goalie has to know probability, even the soccer ball has a LOT of math to do with it (the hex- and poly- gons)

Do I need math to play Soccer?

It can be argued that you DO need to use math to play soccer. For example, it is important to know angles for passing and shooting.

What maths is used in soccer?

Suprisingly, mathmatics is used alot in soccer, most of it you don't even notice. One of the most used math skill is working with angles.

Lego soccer mania?

Fun game, also kind of amusing. you can also score from the hardest angles

How is soccer and math related?

In soccer, you have to shoot from different angles and distances depending on where the goalie is. Also, you can find the area and perimeter of the field itself. I'm doing a project on this (unfortunately). We just started it today, and this is as far as I've gotten.

How is geometry related to sports?

Many sports use aspects of geometry. The markings on fields are geometrically placed, as well as the angles of kicking a soccer ball.

What are consecutive angles angles are also called?

Angles angles angles

What are four types of angles?

There are right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles, and straight angles.

What angles form square angles?

90 degree angles.90 degree angles.90 degree angles.90 degree angles.

What are interior and exterior angles?

they are angles that are wierd and dont make angles that are angles to 360 degrees and make non-angles to make angles

What is congurent angles?

congurent angles are angles that have equal angles. Example, if you want to have equal angles, you have to have a shape that has equal sides

What is the importance of angles to shapes and or angles?

Some shapes have angles and so they are important in defining the shapes. And angles are absolutely critical for angles. They are the very essence of their existence: if it were not for angles then there would be no angles.

What are equal angles?

equal angles are angles that are equal

Are congruent angles angles that have measure?

Yes, congruent angles are angles that have the same measure.

What does geometry do in this world?

Have you not ever played pool? What about soccer, football, baseball, tennis, shoot a gun. Anything to do with angles or the trajectory of an object from point A to point B deals with geometry.

Kinds of angles according to measure?

Angles that are less than 90 degrees are acute angles. Angles that are 90 degrees are right angles, and angles that are greater than 90 degrees are obtuse angles.

What are negative quadrant angles?

using protactor, we use to draw angles in anticlockwise direction and that angles are called positive quadrant angles. and angles in clockwise direction, these angles are called negative quadrant angles.

How many angles and right angles does a regular hexagon have?

It has 6 angles, none of which are right angles.

How many angles and how many right angles in a square?

4 right angles, no other angles.

Do all angles of a rectangle are right angles?

Yes, the 4 inside angles are right angles

Does a cube have acute angles?

No, all angles are right angles