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This is Tha OffiSHAl;;&& FiNAL ANSWER

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Quadrilateral is the another name for a polygon with exactly four sides.

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Q: Another name for a polygon with exactly four sides?
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What type of polygon has exactly four sides and two obtuse angles?


What is a polygon with four sides and four angles?

A polygon with four sides and four angles is a quadrilateral.

Does a polygon have eight sides?

No, a polygon has four sides, but and octagon has eight sides.

What is a four-sided polygon with four congruent sides?

A four sided polygon with four congruent sides is a rhombusA square.

What are polygons and quadrilaterals?

A polygon is any figure that can be subdivided into triangles, which means that it has to have straight sides. A quadrilateral has straight sides, but exactly four of them. Squares, rectangles, parallelograms are all quadrilaterals and polygons.A polygon has 3 or more sides whereas quadrilaterals are 4 sided polygons

A polygon with four sides less than a decagon?

Square * * * * * Another Community answer which is hopelessly wrong! A decagon has 10 sides. A polygon with 4 fewer sides would have 6 sides and so it is a hexagon.

Does a polygon have four sides?

Answer: Yes it can have four sides, but as the explanation below shows, it can have many other numbers of sides as well. Explanation: A polygon can have as many sides as needed. We give specific names to polygons dependent upon the number of sides that it has: triangle: A polygon made with three sides. quadrilateral: A polygon made with four sides. pentagon: A polygon made with five sides. hexagon: A polygon made with six sides. heptagon: A polygon made with seven sides. octagon: A polygon made with eight sides . In fact, if we have n sides, we can call that polygon an n-gon. So in short, yes a polygon can have four sides, so all 4 sided shapes are polygons, however, not all polygons have four sides.

What is A polygon with exactly four sides?

It seems to be called a solid quadrilateral, or a three-sided pyramid. By Nicolas Mackie

A polygon with four sides and four angles is a?


Do a polygon have 4 sides?

A polygon may have any number of sides. A shape with four sides is a type of polygon called a quadrilateral.

What is polygon has one with four unequal sides called?

There is no specific name for a four-sided polygon with unequal sides.

A polygon with four sides?

A polygon with four (4) sides is a quadrilateral!Yeah ya gurl Tina answered this for you lolz!!!!!!