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Q: Answer to broken eggs problem of POW?
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What was the broken eggs pow 1 answer?

the answer is 301

What is was the broken eggs pow process?

301See link below to see answer

What is the answer to POW 1 from IMP 1?

721 eggs

Imp 1 pow 8 hay bales?

I have no idea. This problem urk and I hate POW's

Who wrote Boom Boom Pow?

The song "Boom Boom Pow" which was released in 2009 was sung by the before broken up group of "The Black Eyed Peas"

The scientists discovered 21 tyrannosaurus eggs Some eggs were broken There were 6 times as many unbroken eggs as broken eggs How many eggs were not broken?

Use algebra.Let x=number of broken eggs. Since there are six times as many unbroken as broken, 6x=number of unbroken eggs.number of broken eggs (x) plus number of unbroken eggs (6x) equals 21x + 6x = 217x = 21 (combine like terms)x = 3 (divide both sides of equation by 7)Since x=number of broken eggs, 3 eggs are broken.Since 6x=number of unbroken eggs, 6*3=18 for 18 unbroken eggs.

There are 20 eggs in a tray and 10 percent of them are broken how many eggs are not broken?

18 or 90%

There are 20 eggs in a tray 10 percent of them are broken How many eggs are not broken?

18 or 90%

What was the answer to the broken eggs POW 1 problem in high school?

The answer is that the farmer had 301 eggs to begin with.See the first link for how someone explained it.I got that the first possibility is 7x43 = 301, but other possible answers are7x103 = 7217x163 = 11417x223 = 15617x283 = 19817x343(first composite factor here) = 24017x403 (second one, 13x31) = 2821Conjecture: all solutions are 7x(43 + 60n) for n = 0, 1, 2, 3 . . .

The local grocery store receives shipments of fresh eggs dailyIf each shipment of 66 is bound to have 6 broken eggsthen it can be predicted that there will be 25 broken eggs in a shipment of how many?

The answer would be 275. This is an algebra problem. Basically, you can assume: 1) 6 broken/66eggs = 25 broken/ x eggs. To solve, you need to cross multiply, so that: 2) 6x= 66*25. 3) 6x=1650 4) x= 275.

What is the subject verb agreement Each of the eggs in the cartoon are already broken?

each of the eggs in the carton were already broken

What is more useful after it is broken?

Eggs are more useful after they are broken.