Any two points are coplanar

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Yes. Any two points are always coplanar.

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Q: Any two points are coplanar
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Related questions

Are any two points coplanar?

Yes. Any two points are always coplanar.

What does it mean for two points to be coplanar?

If two points are coplanar, they lie on the same plane.

Are any three points coplanar?

In 3-dimensional space, yes, any three points are coplanar.

Which points are both collinear and coplanar?

Any set of points that are collinear must be coplanar.

What is coplanar points?

Definition of Coplanar points: Coplanar means that the points are on the equal plane. Plane is a two-dimensional object, with as such is a bit more complicated.Collinear,line,plane and point are the related terms of coplanar.Points that are on the same plane. 2 points are alwayscoplanar...3 points are always coplanar...4 points are sometimes coplanar.

What is the answer of non-coplanar points?

non-coplanar points

What are points that lie on the same plane?

Points that lie on the same plane are coplanar. Generally, three points have to be coplanar, but more than that can be in any plane.

What is the definition of coplanar points?

>Two points that lie on the same plane. Any pair of points on the plane will thus >form a line. (In most basic geometry classes, the majority of the class work is >only concerned with one plane) Any number of points can be coplanar. In fact, any 3 points are always coplanar, and if they are not colinear (all three on the same line), they define a unique plane.

What are non coplanar points?

Coplanar Points are points that lie on the same line.

Are any 2 points coplanar?

Yes. In fact, any three are.

If four points are coplanar then they are noncollinear?

They need not be. The four vertices of a quadrilateral are coplanar but NOT collinear. On the other hand, any line (in Eucledian geometry) has an infinite number of points on it - all of which are coplanar.

Why can't you draw three points coplanar?

This is a nonsense question. Any three point are always coplanar.

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