Aplicable Vat 47 form in which items?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Requirement of vat-47(Road Permit) for bringing the goods in Rajasthan from other states as interstate purchase

i. After the amendment dated 8th July, 2009, for bringing the goods from other states, VAT-47 is required only on notified goods (38 items as per notification No. F.12(84)FD/Tax/2009-2010) which are as follow :

1. All kinds of furniture including moulded furniture.

2. All kinds of lubricants

3. All kinds of mattresses, cushion, pillows, all types of sheets and other articles made from foam rubber or plastic foam or other synthetic foam and rubberized coir mattresses.

4. All kinds of toilet & washing soap & detergents.

5. All goods made of cement.

6. All types of bearings.

7. All types of sanitary goods including sanitary pipes & fittings.

8. All types of electrical goods including UPS and CVTS.

9. Audio & Video cassettes.

10. Butter & Deshi Ghee.

11. Computers, its softwares floppies and parts.

12. Cooling equipments including air conditioners and refrigerators

13. Copper in all its forms including wires.

14. Dry fruits including Clove, Cardamom, Pepper & Betel Nut.

15. Raw or refined edible oil & Hydrogenated vegetable oil.

16. Electronic items including TV, VCR, VCP

17. Gur.

18. Iron & steel as defined U/s 14 of the CST Act.

19. Parts of Automobile & Tractor except when used in manufacturing of automobiles or tractors.

20. Pan masala, Gutkha and Churi.

21. Paints, Varnishes, Colour & Dyes.

22. Timber, Plywoods, Nuwood and Laminated sheets.

23. Safety Matches.

24. Telecommunication and sound transmitting equipments including Cellular & Cordless Telephone, Fax and Pagers.

25. Tea

26. All types of yarn, whether cotton, woollen or synthetic.

27. Metallic Utensils.

28. All types of crockery.

29. Photographic goods.

30. Plastic goods, PVC granules except when used as raw material for production of plastic goods.

31. Rubber and goods made of rubber.

32. All kinds of paper and paper products including exercise books.

33. All kinds of tiles.

34. Fireworks.

35. Non-edible oil.

36. Rice.

37. Cotton Seed.

38. All kinds of foot-wear.

ii. If any registered dealer receives any taxable goods, as may be notified by the State Government, consigned to him from outside the state or by way of branch transfer/depot transfer/stock transfer, is required to issue Form VAT - 47. For this clause, all goods have been specified other than the petroleum products and exempted goods mentioned in notification No. F.12(84)FD/Tax/2009-22. Therefore, for receiving the goods as branch transfer/depot transport/stock transfer, Form VAT - 47 is required on all the goods.

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Q: Aplicable Vat 47 form in which items?
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