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She should round to the nearest hundred. why?

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Q: April needs to estimate the sum of 427 and 338 Should she round to the nearest ten or the nearest hundred to get closer answer?
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What is 268 is closer to?

To the nearest ten it is 270.To the nearest hundred it is 300.

What is 27 to the nearest hundred?

27 does not round to the nearest hundreds. It is closer to zero than it is to 100.

How do you round 7856.427 to the nearest hundred?

The hundreds 'around' 7,856.427 would be 7,800 and 7,900. 7,900 is the nearest hundred, because 7,856.427 is closer to that.

How do you round of 1654 to the nearest hundred?

It is 1700 because 54 is closer to 100

Why is 58 rounded to a hundred?

58 is between zero and one hundred. If you are rounding to the nearest hundred, 58 is closer to one hundred than it is to zero.

What ia 9126 plus 6953 Rounded to the nearest hundred?

9126 + 6953 ------------- 16079 16079 rounded to the nearest hundred is 16100 - because 79 is closer to 100.

How do you round twenty -three to the nearest hundred?

-- The next even hundred above it is 100. -- The next even hundred below it is zero. -- 23 is closer to zero than it is to 100 . -- 23 rounded to the nearest hundred is zero.

Why use the nearest hundred to find the sum of 427 and 338 instead of using the nearest ten?

No reason. The nearest ten will be closer to the actual sum.

Why is 996 rounded to the nearest hundred equal a thousand?

996 is between nine hundred and ten hundred (1000). It is closer to 1000 than it is to 900.

What is the nearest hundred to 728?

The nearest hundred to 728 is 700. (728 is closer to 700 than it is to 800).

What is 2141 rounded to the nearest 1000?


How do you you Round 2892.56 to the nearest hundred?

92 is closer to the next hundred than the last, so round up to 2900.

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