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yes they are congruent

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Q: Are 30 dergree angles and 60 dergree angles congruent?
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Does 30 dergree angles and 60 dergree angles congruent?

No but they are complementary in that they add up to 90 degrees

Is 60 and 60 angle congruent?

Both 60 degree angles are congruent

Triangle with all angles congruent?

A triangle with all angles congruent are called equilateral. Each angle is 60 degrees.

Do equilateral triangles have congruent interior angles?

Yes, equilateral triangles have congruent interior angles, and each of the three interior angles measures 60 degrees.

Are the supplements of a complementary angle congruent?

No. For example 30 and 60 degrees are complementary angles. Their supplementary partners are 150 and 120 degrees.

What has three congruent angles?

an equilateral triangle has three congruent triangles (each one is 60 degrees)

What kind of triangle has all angles congruent?

It is an equilateral triangle that has three equal 60 degree angles.

Is a equilateral triangle congruemt?

Yes because an equilateral triangle has 3 congruent sides and 3 congruent angles of 60 degrees

Does an equilateral triangle have any congruent angles?

all three would be 60 degrees

What is a triangle that has three congruent angles?

Equilateral TriangleAn equilateral triangle has 3 interior angles each measureing 60 degrees.

Is a 30 degree and a 60 degree angle congruent?


What type of triangle has all sides are congruent and all the angles are congruent?

An equalaterial triangle has all three sides the same length. Also all three angles are the same (60 degrees.)