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Q: Are 4E width shoes the same as XW width shoes?
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What does xw stand for in roman numerals?

No such number May mean X V V X = 10 V = 5 10+5+5 = 20 Written as XX

What is mening of x y z?

If you mean the equation w=xyz, it is a fourth dimensional shape which is a straight line in the planes of xw, yw and zw, a quadratic in the planes w,x=y w,x=z and w,y=z. It also has a monumental saddle point at x=0..... If you mean what are x y and z on a graph, they are just three mutually perpendicular directions. x might be the length of your box, y its width and z its height for example. You can't draw a graph of 3 dimensions on a piece of paper however.

How you calculate the bricks in a cubic meter brick work?

multiplyL xW x H to find the volume of 1 brick. Each measurement should be in cm. 1 cubic meter = (100 cm)3 = 1,000,000 cm3 now divide the volume of 1 brick INTO 1,000,000 that gives the number of bricks.

How do you figure the size of a 500 gallon tank?

If by "size," you mean the dimensions, then you'll need to provide more information. A 500 gallon tank can be tall and narrow or short and wide...or anything in between. If you can provide at least one dimension, then the formula for volume (area X height) can be applied to give you the other dimension. The above only calculates the cubic units of the tank. Keep in mind that you then need to factor in how many cubic inches a gallon of water takes up. 1 Gallon of Water = 231 cubic inches. Your final formula will be Gallons in tank = L"xW"xH"/231 You can now play with your numbers for L, W, & H until you get a combination that meets your goal of 500 gallons. For example, let's see if a tank that is 4'x6'x3' will work. It's easiest if you convert the feet into inches first. This gives us: 48"x72"x36"= 124,416 cubic inches. Now, divide this by the number of cubic inches in a gallon: 124,416/231 = 538.6 gallons.

Is gravitational field scalar or vector?

The gravitational force fields are both scalar and vector. The forces are the first derivative of the energy.The derivative is a Quaternion derivative X=[d/dr,Del].The total energy is W = -mGM/r + cP and there are five forces,F = XW= [d/dr,Del][-mGM/r, cP] = [vp/r -cDel.P, cdP/dr - Del mGM/r + cDelxP]The scalar forces are :vp/r centripetal scalar force-cDel.P= -cp/r cos(PR) centrifugal scalar forcethe vector forces are:cdP/dr = -cp/r R/r tangent forceDel -mGM/r = vp/r R/r gradient forcecDelxP = RxP cp/r sin(PR) Curl force.

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What is the numeric coefficient of the term -xw?


What is the numerical coefficient of -xw?

It is 1 which is not normally used

When was Ford XW Falcon created?

Ford XW Falcon was created in 1969.

What is the size chart difference in mens and womens in shoes?

The sizing difference between men's and women's shoes is about 1.5 sizes and two-widths . For example, a men's shoe in size 10 would equal a women's 11.5, while a women's shoe in size 8 would equal a men's size 6.5. Furthermore, with New Balance shoes for example, there is a difference between what is considered a women's medium width and a men's medium width. The men's medium or regular width is the "D width", a women's medium or regular width is the "B width". So a men's size "10 D" (D=medium for men) would be equal to a women's "11.5 B" or "11.5 Med" (because B=regular for women). Note: kids shoes are usually sized on the men's length-width scales regardless of whether it is a boys' or girls' style. Shoe widths are designated by a letter-code-scale: AAAAAA or 6A AAAAA or 5A AAAA or 4A AAA or 3A AA or 2A A B C D E EE or 2E EEE or 3E EEEE or 4E EEEEE or 5E EEEEEE or 6E New Balance makes every other width: for men: 2A: extra narrow B: narrow D: medium 2E: wide 4E: extra wide 6E: extra extra wide for women: 4A: extra narrow 2A: narrow B: medium D: wide 2E: extra wide 4E: extra extra wide for kids: N: narrow M: medium W: wide XW: extra wide

What colour is ford XW paint code 'Q'?

i am having the same problem have you got an answe

What does xw mean in boot size?


How do you make t the subject of this equation xwat?

If xwat are variables or constants that are multiplied together, divide each side of the equation by the non-"t" ones to arrive at a "t=" equation. For example, if the equation is xwat = 1, then t = 1/xwa. If there should have been + or - operations in the equation, reverse those first, before doing any multiplying or dividing. Perform the same operations on both sides of the equation. For example, if the equation were xw+at = 1, then at = 1 - xw, then t = (1-xw)/a.

Why are the equations w-x plus xw and w plus x-xw called identities?

w - x + x = wand w + x - x = w are true for all values of w and x and that is why they are called identities.

Why are the equation w-x plus xw and w plus x-xw called identities?

w - x + x = wand w + x - x = w are true for all values of w and x and that is why they are called identities.

In triangle abc variable x is the centroid if cw equals 15 what is cx and xw?


What are the release dates for O'Hara U-S- Treasury - 1971 Operation XW-1 1-14?

O'Hara U-S- Treasury - 1971 Operation XW-1 1-14 was released on: USA: 7 January 1972

How do you find the missing measurement of a rectangular prism?

In order to find the Area, you multiply BXH (XW) so when finding the missing measurement you do Area/B (or H).