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Q: Are All images in plane mirrors are .?
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What types of images are produced by plane mirrors?

Real images

How many images are formed when 2 plane mirrors are titled at an angle of 30 degree?

All depends on how big the mirrors are, and how far apart they are.

All images in plane mirrors are?

virtual, upright, and the same size as the object.

What is true about real images?

Only plane mirrors produce real images. I beleve this is right.

What type of images do plane mirrors produce?

Plane mirrors produce virtual images that are laterally inverted, meaning the left side appears as right and vice versa. These images appear to be the same distance behind the mirror as the object is in front.

How many images are formed when two plane mirrors tilted an angle 72 degrees?

When two plane mirrors are tilted at an angle of 72 degrees, six images are formed. The first two images are the direct reflections from each mirror, and the remaining four images come from the multiple reflections between the mirrors.

How many images are formed when two plane mirrior are arranged parallel?

infinite number of images are formed in both the mirrors if the mirrors are kept parallel

How many images were formed by two parallel plane mirrors?


What is the formula to find the number of images when two plane mirrors are kept parallel?

we can see infinite images.

How many images formed by two plane mirrors placed at 90 degree?

Three images will be formed

How many images will be formed when three plane mirrors are mutually perpendicular?


When two plane mirrors are placed at an angle of 60 degrees to each other the images formed are?

Virtual images.