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All pyramids are four sided.

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Q: Are Aztec pyramids three or four sided?
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Where did the Aztec perform sacrifices?

Aztecs performed sacrifices on the large four sided pyramids which they made for the Aztec Gods,.

Do pyramids have different shapes?

There are three-sided and four-sided pyramids, some pyramids are taller and some shorter, but they are all pyramids.

Why are pyramids 3 sided?

pyramids have a triangular base. As a triangle has three sides, the pyramid will have three sides. Although you can get square based pyramids which have four sides. ---------------------------------------------- The Egyptian pyramids are 4 sided not 3 sided.

Why were some pyramids three sided and some four?

no they are all 5 sided!

How were the Aztec pyramids made?

The Aztec pyramids were made with four sides, with layered stones that form steps. The Pyramids were spiritual temples and in many cases new ones were built over old ones.

What is a four sided three dimensional figure?

A pyramid is a four-sided, three-dimensional figure.

Are there windows in pyramids?

there were no windows in the pyramids because if there was windows in the pyramids then the structures wouldn't be a straight four sided figure that is like the North Star, because it has four sides and each side counts as a direction

How many faces of a pyramid are similar?

if its a four sided pyramid then four. if its a three sided pyramid then four.

Are the pyramid's in Nubia three sided or four sided?

i am not sure, but i think it is 4 sided.

What is stronger a three sided structure or a four sided structure?

a 3 sided figure

Are pyramids 4 sided?

A pyramid is a polyhedron (many-sided shape) with a polygonal (many-sided area) base and at least three triangular faces that converge at the apex (the top, or highest, point). A pyramid with a triangular base is known as a tetrahedron. In common usage, a pyramid has a square base and four triangular lateral sides (like the stone pyramids in Egypt).

Are the pyramids of Giza square pyramids?

A pyramid is not a square, but it has a square base formed by four triangular sides. Pyramids like the ones at Giza in Egypt are five-sided geometric shapes (pentahedrons).

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