Are Equiangular triangles similar triangles

Updated: 10/14/2022
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Similar triangles are those which have the same set of 3 angles but the length of their sides is perhaps different - in other words they are exactly the same SHAPE but they are different size.

Equilateral triangles have all 3 angles equal ( all 60degrees) so the answer is YES.

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Q: Are Equiangular triangles similar triangles
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Are all equiangular triangles similar?


Which two words describe all equiangular triangles?

equilateral and similar

Are all equiangular triangles congruent?

All equiangular triangles are similar, but not congruent. They all have three 60 degree angles. This does not mean that they all have the same side lengths though. Therefore, they are only similar, not congruent.

When is an equilateral triangle not equiangular?

If a triangle is equiangular, it will have all equal angles. So, it might be similar to another equiangular triangle, but not congruent. It is not equilateral if the sides are not equal in length. All equiangular triangles are similar, but not all of them are congruent, which means they do not all have corresponding side lengths. But, all equilateral triangles are equiangular.

Is it true to say that two equiangular triangle are always equal?

No. Equiangular only implies the angles are the same, but says nothing about the lengths. Two equiangular triangles are always similar, only sometimes congruent.

Equilateral triangles must also be?


What is a sentence for equiangular?

Equiangular triangle are also the equilateral triangles. These have equal angles and equal sides.

A type of triangle with congruent angles?

an equiangular triangle (and by definition, equilateral triangles are always equiangular too)

Can some acute triangles be equiangular?

Yes indeed. In fact, every equiangular triangle is an acute one.

If two triangles are equiangular then their corresponding sides are proportional?


Can a equiangular triangle be an equilateral triangle?

Every equilateral triangle is equiangular, and every equiangular triangle is equilateral.

An equiangular hexagon that is not a=equilateral?

Are equiangular hexagons equilateral? Image result for An equiangular hexagon that is not a=equilateral? Equiangular hexagons An equilateral hexagon with 1:2 edge length ratios, with equilateral triangles. This is spirolateral 2120°.