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No, actually, they're not. Ralph Lauren and Polo have a similar logo, though.

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Q: Are Ralph Lauren and polo the same clothing line?
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Ralph Lauren cloth line is it the same as Beverly Hills Polo Club?

No it isnt (ralph lauren) Polo is owned by Ralph Lauren and Beverley hill polo club is a different brand of clothing but people say its fake

What department stores sell Rugby Ralph Lauren clothing?

Macy's are selling Rugby Ralph Lauren clothing. Rugby Ralph Lauren clothing includes Polo T-shirts, Polo shirts. Polo V-Neck shirts and Rugby Ralph Lauren clothing accessories.

When was polo clothing line created?

Polo by Ralph Lauren was founded in 1967 see related link

Did Ralph Lauren invent polo?

No, but Ralph Lauren simply sells polo shirts (hence the small polo icon on each shirt).

Where can Ralph Lauren polo clothing be bought?

Many stores have Ralph Lauren polo clothing for sale. These stores include Macy's, House of Fraser, Selfridge, and of course from Ralph Lauren either in a store or online.

Where can one find Polo products for men?

Polo for men is a line offered by Ralph Lauren. Clothing and accessories in this line can be found at Ralph Lauren's website, or may be shopped for in person at Macy's, Land's End, and Dillard's, to name a few.

Which clothing brand has a horse logo?

Ralph Lauren Polo!

What do you wear that begins with p?

pants panties petticoat pumps

Which clothes company has a horse logo?

Polo by Ralph Lauren

Where are Ralph Lauren Clothes produced?

I have authentic Ralph Lauren polos and jackets made in Indonesia. It's the Polo by Ralph Lauren line.

What are the names of Ralph Lauren Children?

Ralph Lauren Children's line features various collections with different names such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Baby, and Ralph Lauren Girls/Boys. Each collection offers a range of clothing and accessories designed specifically for the respective age group.

Does polo shirt shop sale real Ralph Lauren clothing?

yes it is