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Q: Are The bases of a cylinders polygons?
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Why aren't cylinders and cones and spheres polygons?

polygons have faces and cylinders and cone and spheres only has bases not faces.

How is the bases of a cylinder and a prism different?

The bases of cylinders are circular whereas the bases of prisms are polygons.

How are prisms and cylinders different?

Prisms have polygons as bases whereas cylinders have circles as bases. In a way, a cylinder is like a circular prism.

What shape has two bases that are regular polygons?

It is simply a shape which has two bases which are regular polygons. There is no special name for such shapes.

Is the bases of all pyramids are polygons?

all the bases of a pyramids are polygon

Do The bases of a cylinder must be polygons?

A cylinder has circular parallel bases

The difference between cylinders and prisms is that cylinders have 2 bases whereas the bases of prisms are?

... whereas one of the "bases" of prisms are vertices.

The bases of a prism are two?

parallel polygons.

What has bases and sides that are polygons?

All polyhedrons.

Must the bases of a cylinder be polygons?


What 3D figure have polygons for bases?

Many 3-d figures can have polygons for bases. If all ist faces are polygons then it is a polyhedron but it is possible to have 3-d figures with a polygonal base and non-polygonal faces.

What is the shape of the bases in a pentagonal prism?

The bases are pentagons - 5 sided polygons.