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Q: Are all birth rates and death rates the same around the world?
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What is the significance of the demographic transition in studies of human population around the world?

it is to show how the population grows and falls. With the rise in birth rates and the rise in death rates. The decrease in births and the decrease in death. If births increase so does the death toll. If birth rates fall so does death.

How can birth rates and death rates affect a ecosystem?

It affects the ecosystem because if there is a dramatic increase in birthrates, it may over populate the world. If there is an increase in death rates, there will be a dramatic change in population. It's very hard to explain.

If current birth and death rates remain constant the world's population will double in how many years?

40 years

Is Africa the lowest birth rate and the lowest infant mortality rate in the world?

Most of the countries with the highest birth rates also have the highest death rates, and most of both are in Africa. And most of those are in Muslim countries.

Why are birth rates higher than death rates in the world?

This is because of 1. Increased early marriages 2. Enhanced medical conditions 3. Improved working conditions and environment

When does a population not change?

When the death toll and birth rate of people are equal around the world.

Ware is most likely to have the lowest birth rates?

The lowest birth rates in the world are the Peopls republic of China

What are Ivory Coast's birth and death rates?

Birth rate:30.4 births/1,000 population (2012 est.) / Death rate:9.96 deaths/1,000 population (July 2012 est.) ~ Source - CIA The World Factbook .

How do birth and death rates change when population through the demographic transition?

Because Birth Rate Is When More People Are Born Into This World And When Someone Dies More People Are BornThank You Very Much.

Why has the world's population risen in recent history?

Falling death rate. Birth rates have fallen too in the past century, but tend to lag behind deaths.

Is the world population growing at the same speed?

Well that depends, if you mean geographically or if you mean timeline wise. Timeline wise? No. The world had a huge increase in birth rates in the 50's and that trend has slowed, but is still steadily increasing. There's currently about 6.5billion people in the world and by 2020 is projected at around 8billion. Geographically wise? Just as well, No. Different area's of the world have different birth rates. Per say in Africa the birth rate is insane, where as china actually has policies limiting birth rates per family! Hope this answered your question. :)

What are the death survival rates of world war 1 from tanks?

Generally speaking, the survival rate of death is 0%.