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Alternate interior angles are congruent, or equal. They have the same angle measure, while complementary means they add up to 90 degrees. Therefore, the only time alternate interior angles are complementary is when they are exactly 45 degrees.

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Q: Are alternate interior angles complementary
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Are the alternate interior angles of two parallel lines cut by a transveral always interior?

Yes. "Alternate interior" angles are always interior. Angles that are not interior as well as alternate are never accurately described as "alternate interior" angles.

Are alternate angles complementary?

No. They are congruent. However, if one of the alternate angles is equal to 45, yes they would be complementary, but otherwise, no.

What are two pairs of alternate interior angles?

They are 4 alternate interior angles.

Are alternate angles congruent?

Yes. Alternate interior and alternate exterior angles are congruent.

What types of angles are equal?

alternate interior and alternate exterior angles

What is meant by alternate Interior angles?

Alternate interior angles are equal on a transversal that passes through parallel lines.

Why are alternate interior angles and alternate exterior angles both called alternate?

Both alternate interior and alternate exterior angle pairs lie on opposite sides of the transversal.

Two interior angles on opposite sides of a transversal?

Alternate interior angles.

Can an obtuse triangle have two complementary interior angles?

No. A triangle with two complementary interior angles will always result into right triangle. The sum of the complementary angles will always be 90 degrees and the other one will be 90 too.

Nonadjacent interior angles that lie on opposite sides of the transversal?

Alternate Interior Angles

Parallel lines form congruent alternate interior angles?

Parallel lines cut by a transversal form congruent alternate interior angles.

Alternate interior angles are?

they are congruent i think