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spatial figure

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Q: Are box plots and dot plots similar?
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How are dot plots and stem and leaf plots similar?

cause they both plot something

How is a bar graph and dot plots similar?

A dot plot is similar to a bar graph because they both can give you the same amount of pets and other things that you might use them for.

What do dot plots represent?

Dot plots represent the values of a data-set which is classified according to two variables.

How are dot plots and stem and leaf displays similar?

Dotplots and stem-and-leaf displays both show every data value.

Are line graphs the same as box and whisker plots?

No because box and whisker plots are related to cumulative frequency curves

Can two Dot plots have the same median and range but have completely different shapes?


Can box and whisker plots have intervals?

Yes, I believe they can.

How do you compare box plots?

by looking at it and seeing the difference

What does the 88 represent on a box and whisker plot?

Nothing. Most box and whisker plots do not have 88 on them!

Who invented box and whisker plots?

I believe it was John Tukey in 1997

Could you give us the answers for pg 344 on world histor ags?

Compare the shape,center,and spread of the data in the box plots with the data for stores A and B in the two box plots in example 2.

How do you create a parallel box-and- whisker plots?

Parallel box and whisker plots are regular box and whisker plots, but drawn "one-above-the other" on the piece of paper. To enable to do this easily, draw an x-axis which is big enough for the largest value in the data, and small enough for the smallest value in the data (in the entire collection of data). Plot each box-and-whisker diagram below each other.

If you are a dot in a square box how do you get out of the box?

Move along the z axis.

When will I use box and whisker plots in real life?

never, you will never use it

How is a bar graph and dot plots different?

They are different because It is easier to see the amount of the subject you are using on a bar graph than a dot plot because you can get the answer faster and more quickly.

Who uses box and whisker plots?

More people in different professions are finding use for box and whiskers plots. It can be used very effectively in time series analysis, which may include engineers, economists, earth scientists, statistician, social sciences and medicine, to name a few professions. Stock market analysis using the open, hi, low & close format as used in Excel is not really the same, but it does show the range of the values for a stock, and relavent values. Excel (by Microsoft) does not have box and whisker plots, but there are many companies selling add in programs to make these plots. I use the Matlab program, which has the capabilities to make box and whisker plots. See related links.

Which word rhymes with dot and has almost the same meaning?

The word that rhymes with dot and has a similar meaning is: spot.

What are the advantages of box and whisker plots?

It's eaiser to see the outlier ( odd number) out of the data.

When are box and whisker plots used in real life besides in a class?

it is absolutely cazy and stupiddunno

Where is the penalty dot soccer?

It is marked in the centre of the big box.

What is gdhp mean on ammo box?

Can't be answered without knowing all the printing on the box. It stands for Gold Dot Hollow Point. It is Gold Dot ammunition made by Speer

What are box plots?

Box plots are box-and-whiskers plot. Basically, it represents a set of data by marking its five number summary: lowest, quartile 1, median, quartile 3, and highest. Moreover, it also shows a dotted connection to outliers. See the link in the related links section below for an example of what it looks like.

What is the type of average on a box and whisker plot?

On a standard box-and-whisker plot, the averages used are medians. Arithmetic means are used in some box-and-whisker plots, but most use medians.

Why does aboriginal dot art have its name?

They used a bunch of paint dots to make a picture (similar to a mosaic) hence dot art.

What type of Ink does Dot-Matrix printer use?

A dot-matrix uses an inked ribbon, similar to the ribbon used on a typewriter.

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