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not at all

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Q: Are capacity and volume the same thing?
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How do you convert volume into capacity?

You don't do anything, they're the same thing.

The amount of fluid a container can hold is called what?

It is usually called the capacity. It is basically the same thing as the volume.

How many cubic units needed to fill the space inside a figure?

Its capacity or volume - measured in the same units.Its capacity or volume - measured in the same units.Its capacity or volume - measured in the same units.Its capacity or volume - measured in the same units.

Is capacity the same as volume?

Yes, volume is the same as capacity. For instance, a pint pot can hold a pint, and so its capacity is a pint, or it will overflow.

How are the meanings of area and volume different?

Area is the space in which a thing takes up. Volume is the capacity in which a thing can or is holding

What is the Formula to find capacity when given volume?

Capacity is the same as the volume of the inside of a container. Often, in mathematical exercises, the internal and external volumes are assumed to be the same (ie thickness of the container is zero). In this case, the capacity is the same as the internal or external volume.

Is capacity and amount the same thing?


What is the mathematical difference between volume and capacity?

Volume is a pace which can be occupied by some thing, whereas capacity is applies to liquids as the quantity contained in a given space.

How is volume similar to capacity?

They are both often used interchangeably, simply because they refer to the same thing - namely the amount of space an object contains within it.

Is 0.7L measures of capacity is the same as 700ml?

Yes. They are the same volume. Good work !

Is capacity the same thing as the amount?

no it's not

What is the volume capacity of a flask?

The answer depends on the flask: they are not all the same size.