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No. A "cc" (cubic centimeter) is an old term for a milliliter (ml) which is a unit of volume.

A milligram (mg) is a unit of mass.

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Q: Are cc and mg the same?
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How much mg in a cc?

CC and MG are the same thing.

How many cc's are in a mg for liquid medicine?

cc and mg are the same so it would be the same amount

In medical terms is a cc and a mg the same?

A cc and mL are the same.

What is cc into mg?


How many cc in 1 mg of medication?

it depends on the concentration of the medication... in mg/ml... you can convert mg/ml to mg/cc as 1 ml = 1 cc. If your medication is at a concentration of 10 mg/ml, then you have 10 mg in 1 cc. You can calculate 1 mg in 0,1 cc.

Is 1 mg the same as 1 cc?

No. 1 mL is.

What is the equivalent of cc to mg?

There is no equivalent for cc to mg. cc is cubic centimeters. mg is milligrams (a measure of weight) However, a cc is equivalent to an ml milliliter

How many mg in 1 cc?

one mg = one cc

5mg equals how many cc?

depends on what you are weighing. 5 mg of waters is the same volume as 5 mg of mercury.

Where is 50mg on a 3cc syringe?

The 50 mg is the dose for whatever you are taking. Whatever you are taking should say or you should know what the dose is for example 25 mg/ml therefore you would have to take two ml or 2 cc, if it was 100 mg/ml you would have to take 1/2 ml or cc. ml and cc are the same but mg is what the dose is.

What does 50mg equal to cc on a syringe?

You are comparing apples and oranges. mg is a mass, cc is a volume. In order to answer your question, you would need to either know the substance or the density of the substance. For example, 50 mg of a dense liquid would take up less volume than 50 mg of a less-dense liquid. One cc of water weighs 1.0 gram (the same as 1,000 milligrams), so 50 mg (of water) is equivalent to 0.05 cc. The algebraic formula would be: 1 cc/1000 mg = x cc/50 mg; and x = 0.05.

What does 2 mg equals how many cc's?

That would depend on how many mg's are in 1 cc. 2 ml is equal to 2 cc if that is what you meant to ask

10 mg is how many cc?

Material density is missing. If it is 1 gm/cc, then 10 mg equals 0.01 cc

How many mg to a cc?

Depends on the substance. Imagine a cc of liquid mercury which is very heavy and a cc or water. The number of mg in each cc is quite different.

How many cc in 6 mg of morphine?

The strength of Morphine depends on the concentration of the drug. If 6 mg Morphine is the prescribed strength, a little over 1/2 a cc of Morphine 10 mg needs to be administered. Morphine is supplied in 5 mg/ml and 10 mg/ml ampules. CW: For water, a cc is (just about) a mg. For stuff dissolved in water, a cc is about a mg. For Hg, doesn't hold.

Does 300 mg per cc equal 25 mg per kg If not how many mg per kg equal 300 mg per cc?

cc = ml if you assume that density is 1 g / ml, you assume a gram is a millilitre then 300 mg / ml = 300,000 mg per kilogram

How many mg are in 1 cc?

Maybe you are asking about ml instead of mg. 1cc = 1 ml Otherwise you need to know the density of the substance expressed in mg/cc.

0.5 cc replacement to mg?

there is none. mg is a measure of weight, cc a measure of volume. however, one cc is equal to one mL

How many mg is equal to 2.5 cc?

It depends on the substance. Mass (mg) and volume (cc) are different things and use different units.

How many cc in 10 mg of morphine?

The conversion between mg and cc are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . 1 cc =1000 mg. so, 10 mg =0.01 mg . 0.01 cc in 10 mg of morphine.

How many .05 mg equals 1 cc?

Mg is a term of weight, whereas cc is volume, so it depends on what the substance is and the density. 0.5mg of lead is less cc than 0.5mg of feathers.

How do you convert mg to cc - 45k?

no you can't

How many mg's in 5 cc's?


Is 1 cc equal to 1 mg?


How many cc in 160 mg?