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Condoms and foam are non-prescription methods. Dipahragms are by prescription. All of these methods are barrier methods.

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Q: Are condoms spermicidal foam and diaphragms all non prescription methods of contraception?
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Is spermicidal foam a non-prescription contraception?

In the US, spermicidal foam is available without a prescription. It is not a very effective contraceptive on its own, but is effective when used with condoms or other forms of contraception.

What type of birth control are diaphragms condoms and the cervical cap?

Diaphragms, condoms, and the cervical cap are barrier methods of contraception.

How many forms of contraception are there?

There are a variety of forms: the pill is the most common, followed closely by condoms. There are also: contraceptive sponges, diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicides, injections and implants

Are condoms good enough as the only protection?

Apart from abstention they are the best protection against STDs. There are other alternatives for contraception such as spermicidal gels, IUDs, oral pills, sterilisation etc.

Where can one find female condoms for sale?

There is no such thing as female condoms, but diaphragms are the female equivalent. Diaphragms are available at most pharmacies, and can be prescribed by ones doctor. Pharmacies such as CVS and Rite Aid sell diaphragms.

What is effective methods of contraception?


What forms of contraception do not utilize hormones?


Are latex condoms best to prevent pregnancy?

Well latex condoms are good to prevent pregnancy for the most part but as opposed to latex or polyurethane condoms or animal skin condoms are all good but I recommend spermicidal lubricated condoms.

Both male and female condoms are what type of contraception method?


Is there a way to stop getting pregnant?

Yes, there are 2 ways. Abstention (don't have sex) and Contraception (use birth control) you can use the birth control pill from your doctors, condoms, an IUD, Spermicidal Jellies. Talk to your doctor or local family planning clinic to find the best method for you and your partner.

How old to buy condoms?

There is no age limit to purchase condoms. In fact, it is federally illegal for any stores to withhold contraception from anyone based on age.

Is it safe to put spermicide on a condom?

sure in fact, some condoms have spermicidal lube if i were you id cut out the middleman and just buy those