Are congruent figure similar

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Yes, congruent figures have to be similar

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Q: Are congruent figure similar
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What is the difference between a similar figure and a congruent figure?

A similar figure has the same interior angles as a congruent figure but its sides are in proportion to a congruent figure.

Are corresponding angles of similar figure always congruent?

Yes, they are.

What is a similar figure with the same proportion?

A congruent figure.

Is a figure with a scale factor of 1 congruent or similar?


Which of the transformations will produce a similar but not congruent figure?

A dilation would produce a similar figure.

How can a similar figure not be congruent?

if the angles of a figure are the same but the sides aren't, it is similiar. Congruent is angles and sides exactly the same

How do you compare and contrast congruent and similar?

Similar means they are of the same shape but not necessary the same size. two figure are congruents when they are of the same shape and size. congruent figures can be similar but not similar figures aren't always congruent

A figure that has congruent corresponding angles and proportional sides are called?


Is a figure similar if the sides and angles are congruent?

Yes .But it depends what shape

What is different about similar figure and congruent figures?

Congruent figures are identical in dimensions and angles whereas similar figures have dimensions in proportion to congruent figures but both have exactly the same angles.

What is alike and different about similar and congruent figures?

If two figures are similar or congruent, each angle of the first figure is the same as the corresponding angle of the second figure.In similar figures, the ratio of each side in the first figure to the corresponding side in the second figure is a constant. If the figures are congruent, that ratio is 1: that is, the corresponding sides are of the same measure.

Why are two figures similar if their angles are the same?

because if you shrink or grow a similar figure, it would be congruent.

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