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Q: Are diagonals the same length on a arrowhead?
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Are the diagonals of a arrowhead equal?


Relationship of the diagonals of parallelogram?

The diagonals of a parallelogram are parallel and the same length.

Does a trapezium have diagonals the same length?


Does an arrowhead have all the sides the same length?

no because an arrowhead has to long lines and to small lines

Do the diagonals in an arrowhead bisect each other?


Does an arrowhead have no right angles and equal diagonals?


Does a prallelogram have to have diagonals the same length?

In general, the diagonals of a parallelogram are NOT the same length. They're equalonly when the parallelogram is either a rectangle or a rhombus (including square).

Is the diagonals of rhombus congruent?

"Congruent" isn't used to describe the diagonals of a rhombus. However, all four sides of a rhombus are congruent - they are all the same length.The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular to each other. They are not the same length - if the diagonals were the same length, then you would have a square.

Why do the diagonals of a rhombus not have to be the same length?

The sides of a rhombus must all be the same length, but the angles do not need to be the same. The result is a diamond shape where the diagonals can be two different lengths.

Which quadrilateral diagonals are perpendicular?

Square, Rhombus. * * * * * Or a kite or arrowhead.

Does an arrowhead have diagonals intersecting outside the shape?


What you can find about the diagonals of a rectangle?

They are of the same length (congruent).